Oscar Blue

Oscar Blue - students' vision for a growing company

The idea came from an everyday problem: being in front of a computer screen for multiple hours a day strains the eyes. The group of friends didn’t want to wait for a solution but wanted to solve the problem themselves.

After market research on anti-blue light glasses available in Nordics, they decided to start supplying high-quality classes to other people as well. The classes are designed to last. Products’ popularity is rising and new designs are added to cover the demand.

Oscar Blue focuses on its products and customer satisfaction. They wanted to make glasses that look good and feel light but also protect eyes from blue light. By focusing on these areas, they created glasses that are both stylish and functional.

The brand was originally founded in 2020 by three students from Lappeenranta but was later bought by a group of entrepreneurs in the spring of 2023.

Today, Oscar Blue is operated by four entrepreneurial-minded students from LUT and LAB. The team consists of founders of different service-based businesses that joined forces to produce the most advanced and efficient solutions from web design to supply chains.

The team is getting ready to launch international operations during H2 2023 due to high demand and client satisfaction in Finland.

Oscar Blue is an excellent example of how a former side hustle becomes a real growing business with a new team and strategy with ambitious goals.

Check out their website to learn more: https://oscarblue.fi/