PikaPay - startup rising from LUTES

PikaPay is the future of shopping. Scan, pay, and go – no more waiting in lines!

Enabling all shopping scanning and payments via personal mobile phone. Their ultimate goal is to make shopping truly a self-service experience, eliminating all unnecessary steps and hassles.

PikaPay had its first service launch in the Spring of 2023 at LUT University and is expected to launch its services in other stores in the near future.

PikaPay was founded by three LUT and LAB students after participating in LUTES’s Forward accelerator program in late 2022. A few months after founding the company they got pre-seed funding and are searching for seed funding in H2 in 2023. At the moment they have four full-time employees including the founders and expanding their operations all the time.

PikaPay is truly one of the most promising startups from Lappeenranta – so keep your eye on them!

To learn more about PikaPay, visit their official website: https://www.pikapay.fi/